GoldenEye Doom2

GoldenEye Doom2

GoldenEye Doom2 is a mod for Doom 2, in which you are James Bond
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GoldenEye Doom2 is a mod for Doom 2, in which you are James Bond.
This free mod is a standalone version. You will not need to have Doom 2 installed in your computer in order to run it. You will have the usual weapons that 007 uses, as the Walter PPK and the mighty FN P90, available to be employed during the game. This mod was created using the Edge engine, which allowed the authors to include characteristics that the Doom 2 engine would not allow.

You can play the game on five difficulty levels, titled with James Bond movies´ names, and set the messages to be shown in eight possible languages. The default controls (that can be changed) will let you move your player with the cursor keys, fire with CTRL or the left button of the mouse, and turn your head using the mouse. At the bottom of the screen, the game will inform you about the available ammo for the weapon you are using, your health status, the weapons available, and the status of your armor. Finally, you will see how many ammo you have for all the weapons.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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  • It is free


  • The graphics are too basic
  • The character moves very slowly
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